L.U.B. your life

Welcome to the fantastic world of Lisbon Underground Burlesque

Lisbon Underground Burlesque was founded in 2011 by a petit female with the name of a small flower also known as Forget-me-Not. Lady Myosotis, first premiered her burlesque acts in Australia, in 2008, immediately heading towards Portugal and launched her career here.

With Theatre and Jazz music backgrounds, Lady Myosotis incorporated such components in her shows and company. Lisbon Underground Burlesque is the biggest and most recognised burlesque productions in Portugal and has grown to become a beautiful collective of artists not just from Portugal but interchanging with international artists.

From 2011 to 2016 L.U.B conducted a permanent residency in the Pink Street with Shows every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, also collaborated and with Radio Royale, Tattoo&Rock Festival and other events.

Lisbon Underground Burlesque showcases the most glamorous shows in Portugal, and hosts the annual Lisboa Burlesque Fest (previous Underground Burlesque Fest) and Lisbon Burlesque Week (happening every 2 Years).